Stacy Barnett lives in New Jersey with her two Labradors, Miniature American Shepherd and Standard Poodle. She's an active competitor in Nosework, Tracking, Obedience, Rally, Agility and Barn Hunt but Scent Sports are her primary focus and her first love. Stacy started her Labrador, Judd, in Nosework using the Operant Conditioning methods as taught by the Fenzi Academy. Judd quickly sailed through NW1 through NW3 Elite in only 13 months, becoming one of the very first FDSA trained Elite teams. Stacy and Judd are a multiple High in Trial team and have titled in both the US and Canada with High Score awards.  Together they compete in NACSW, AKC, UKC, SDDA and PSD.  Her Miniature American Shepherd, Why, is preparing for NW2 and her Standard Poodle, Joey, recently earned Third Overall at his NW1 and High in Trial at his NW2. Stacy and Judd are competing at the NACSW Elite Division Level where they were invited to compete at the 2017 NACSW National Invitational... where they earned several search placements!  Judd has placed in the top 3 overall at many of his Elite Division Trials and holds the distinction of being the first Labrador in the country to achieve ELT2 and was the second dog in the country to achieve ELT3.  Judd was also the first Labrador in the country to achieve ELT-CH (Elite Champion).  Brava, her young Labrador, is her newest team member.  Brava has already earned all of her Novice AKC titles and has her SDDA Started title (Canada) WELL before her first birthday!

Stacy is an AKC Contractor and is contracted with the American Kennel Club to provide expertise in support of the AKC Scent Work program.  Stacy is also an "Expert Judge" and licensed judge with the AKC at for all levels of competition.

Stacy is a longtime FDSA student and trains her Nosework dogs using FDSA methods. She also trains with top local NACSW trainers and Elite Level Certifying Officials on a regular basis.  Stacy is an approved AKC Scent Work Judge and a Performance Scent Dogs Judge. With this and her degree in Chemical Engineering, Stacy has developed a solid understanding of Scent Theory with many tools in her toolbox. She prides herself in being able to bring creative solutions to build odor obedience, confidence, drive and motivation for the sport. Judd himself is by nature a timid, soft dog and Stacy has been able to transform him into a highly competitive Elite Level dog.  With Why, she has conquered his significant environmental issues...  and with Joey she has built tremendous drive where there was little motivation for the sport to start.  Her mantra is CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATION, SKILLS and STAMINA.  Stacy is the author of the popular blog, Scentsabilities Nosework, as well as being a popular internationally booked clinician for seminars.

One of Stacy's strengths in Nosework is trial preparation. She is able to evaluate the needs of the dog and develop a plan for setting the dog up for success. As a result she was able to prepare Judd for trialing in record time and has enjoyed an extremely high pass rate with fast times and placings. She's an experienced Nosework competitor and knows what it takes to succeed in this exciting sport.

Stacy loves helping others and her enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. Even greater than her love for the sport is her love of teaching.  She prides herself on being a highly creative, enthusiastic and caring instructor, easliy able to teach all levels of Nosework students.  Stacy loves seeing teams flourish in the sport and enjoy what has become an extremely popular outlet for all dogs.

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Student Testimonials

NW280 - The Path to Elite 

I will seek out Stacy again. I so enjoyed her teaching style and sharing her experiences really helps prepare you. I feel I have a good plan and much better understanding of what we need to succeed at the higher levels of NoseWork. I will certainly consider being Gold next time as it was clear all the participating Gold students learned quite a bit and improved their handling and skills.         

Stacy is so organized - works individually with each dog at the stage they are at -lots of positive feedback and helpful critiques. Love how she breaks complex ideas down into the parts and has us practice each of the parts before putting them together into the whole exercise. Great class.          

I have taken many Fenzi Academy classes. This was my first nosework class. I took it at Bronze. I have been in one NW Elite trial prior to this class. It really helped me understand all the various elements that I will find in an Elite trial and how to set up searches in training. Loved the class and theGold students! Thanks, CK          

Thank you for your well-thought out comments and critiques on the video homework assignments. As bronze, I find I learn a lot from watching and reading your lessons.           

Loved it! Really appreciated the structure you created with the progression of skills. Can't wait for the next advanced nose work class you do. 

NW260 - Rockin Vehicles and Awesome Exteriors

Everything you ever wanted to know about competition scent work and scent theory and more! Stacy Barnett isn't just a great competitor she's a fantastic instructor and gives each individual team exactly what they need to succeed. Her lectures on scent theory are invaluable. I highly recommend her courses to anyone interested in scent work with their dogs - even if they don't compete!          

Another phenomenal six weeks!!! Class after class Stacy brings out the best in everyone and provides detailed insight and feedback. She ensures success and encourages her students to challenge themselves while building confidence. Ana C.           

Loved this class -- Stacy is a great instructor! I learned a lot about searching vehicles and exteriors and scent theory in this class. Lectures were easy to keep up with and understand. Stacy provided clear explanations and search strategies in her videos and participated in discussions as well -- all my questions on the discussion forums were addressed by her promptly. I had fun doing the homework and it gave me confidence and helped my dog and me succeed at out first NW1 trial. I'm looking forward to taking more of Stacy's classes to improve my skills!            

Rockin Vehicles and Awesome Exteriors taught by Stacy Barnett is an awesome class. So much individual feedback - very positive approach when working with students. With all the time and feedback Stacy gave I felt like this class was designed just for me and my needs. My dog truly made astonishing progress by following the progression of the class. Well worth my time - outstanding class and outstanding instructor. Thanks, Stacy. Linda T  

This is an amazing course for people who are looking to improve their nosework training in a methodical way! Stacy breaks up all the skills and scenarios into separate lectures with their own assignments, so you can work on one thing at a time. Also, the homework is very specific so you can place hides confidently without inadvertently making the search too difficult for your dog's experience level. Loved everything about this course!! I know I'll use the knowledge I gained from this course in every future search, even the interior ones!       


NW101 Introduction to Nosework

This was my first gold at Fenzi and I haven't regretted a second. :) We (me and my dog) had so much fun on the course and we got so much helpful feedback and positive encouragement from the instructor. Super course.             

I had hesitated to try Nosework because it didn't seem as exciting as other sports, but as a novice handler with an independent, reactive dog, I wanted to find an activity that might come more naturally to us as a team...we are hooked! It is a special kind of thrill to see my dog starting to understand and search for odor, all in just 6 weeks. There was an assortment of breeds and temperaments in the class, and Stacy had strategies and solutions for everyone, including some great motivational games. She posted relevant videos and advice on the forum for discussion, and feedback on videos was always encouraging and helpful. Stacy's enthusiasm for the sport is obvious...and contagious! Anne T.              

I never expected to make as much progress on a brand new activity as we did in the past 6 weeks.         

Stacy was always encouraging, and quick to point out the dogs' successes. She worked effectively with high-drive dogs, sensitive dogs, and everything in between.         

Yes Stacy is wonderful. She provides supplemental material quickly as needed. She is extremely supportive and I will take another course with her.

NW350 More Proofing and Generalization for All Levels

I can't believe how much my dog and I have learned in the 6 weeks of NW350, and how much fun we've had doing it! With the help of Stacy's lectures, homework tools and all of the really insightful feedback, we are well on our way to becoming a solid nosework team. Thanks so much!!            

This is my second Gold Level class with Stacy.... and all I can say is.... keep them coming! Her lectures make you think... and her feedback and support have been just what we needed. I am amazed by our progress over the last several months. Carla W                 

Stacy's enthusiasm for the sport is infectious, and her responses to student were always so encouraging and helpful at the same time. She is great about presenting constructive feedback in a positive way.        

I love Stacy's style of giving a lot of information for people to sift through.... finding the nugget they need at that moment. Everyone is training at their own rate and have their own challenges and strengths.... having lots of information to draw from is IMPORTANT!        

I really liked the self assessment guidelines and the trial prep, search log documents that Stacy provided- extremely useful. Her lectures and homework assignments were always well thought out, and on target.

NW230 Polishing Skills for NW2 and NW3  

NW230 really helped my dog and me to take our nosework training to the next level. I now have a better understanding of the skills our team needs to succeed in NW2 and 3.

Stacy is an amazingly talented and caring instructor who works hard to help her students train hard for easy trialing. Thanks, Stacy! - Cheryl M.

This class is a "must have" for any team wanting to improve their Noseworks skills for NW2 or NW3... I feel like I understand the game so much better now, and my dog and I are a stronger team for sure- and we had so much FUN doing it!!

Definitely even better than expected, and I felt confident it would be good -- didn't imagine it would be magnificent.Will seek this instructor out again. It was very clear she knew the subject and was very committed to student progress and success. Her use of personal experience was most helpful.

Stacy is the epitome of an incredible, caring instructor! She clearly cares about her students and their progress.