On this page you can purchase the instructor's lecture notes and video examples for classes that are offering a more advanced class in the current term.  For example, if you wish to take "Nosework 2" in the current term, then you can purchase the instructor's notes for "Nosework 1".  

When you buy the class as a lecture-only option, you do not get access to the forums, since they've been archived after the class ended. We offer this option for people who are interested in taking a more advanced class but missed the pre-requisite class when it was offered.   

We do NOT recommend this option - we believe that the value of the forums is great, and ideally classes will be taken as they are offered.  However, we also understand that some students may be new to the academy, and therefore not available to enroll when the class was offered.  Please note that there is no discount, so please take the classes when they are offered if at all possible!

Please select the link class you want to purchase, and then go to the Registration tab on the class page to purchase the lectures. 

There are no refunds available for prerequisite purchases.

Prerequisites for August 2018 session
(available for purchase July 20 - August 15)

AG110: Intro to Agility - Handling Basics

Instructor: Loretta Mueller Are you familiar with dog sports but new to agility?  Feel out of place in a beginner’s class but not sure where to learn the basics for this...

Loretta Mueller(Faculty)

CC110: K9 Conditioning

Instructor: Debbie Gross This course will give you an understanding of basic dog anatomy, basic conditioning for dogs, and general exercises. We'll work on conditioning exerc...

DS510: Gun Dog Foundations

Instructor: Cassia Turcotte Have you ever wanted to try gun dog sports with your dog or have a new puppy, but didn’t know how to get started?  Now you can learn how by u...

Cassia Turcotte(Faculty)

FE450: Training Levels -- Level 1

Instructor: Sue Ailsby    If you're looking for a structured course designed to teach your dog the basic skills that every dog needs to know for success as a pet, sp...

Sue Ailsby(Faculty)

TR101: Foundation Tracking 1

Instructor: Lucy Newton   This class covers everything the handler needs to know to get organized and get started in tracking. We will discuss topics such as equipme...

Lucy Newton(Faculty)

OB460: Shaping a Flashy and Confident Heel - Foundations

Instructor: Shade Whitesel My absolute favorite way to teach heeling is by shaping! Since heeling is such a complicated behavior chain with many different skills factoring in...

Shade Whitesel(Faculty)

OB462: Shaping a Confident and Flashy Heel-Moving Foundations

Instructor: Shade Whitesel My favorite way to teach heeling is to shape it! This class is the 2nd in a series of 3 (possibly 4!) and deals primarily with moving str...

Shade Whitesel(Faculty)

OB620: Devil in the Details

Instructor: Hannah Branigan For true training geeks, who want to obsess over the details of the perfect fold-back down, square tucked sits, fronts and finishes and other prec...

Hannah Branigan(Faculty)

RA501: Rally-FrEe and Musical Freestyle Foundation Skills 1

Instructor: Julie Flanery Rally-FrEe is a unique sport with the structure of a Rally course and the creativity of Musical Freestyle. To learn more about Rally-FrEe, please vi...

Julie Flanery(Faculty)